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A trusted technology partner you can always rely on

Stott Hoare strives to remain as a reliable technology partner, simplifying technology solutions for organisations, solving problems and marshalling resources to get the job done, even when things seem impossible.

This has always been the case from as early as delivering the very first typewriters in Australia in 1876, to opening Stott and Hoare in 1915, to becoming a leading IT solutions and technology provider over 100 years later. Although technology has changed, our mission remains the same.

To help our clients find the right technology solution that keeps them moving forwards.

Solving today’s challenges
preparing for the future

Helping organisations create better experiences by delivering the best technology solution that adapts to the ever-changing demands of their people, business and customers.

Appreciating the importance of technology in sustaining our existence, connecting us to others and improving our quality of life, we offer leading brand hardware and software designed to improve efficiency and boost productivity. We provide essential services to help IT buyers select the most suitable technology, procure it at competitive prices, implement it comfortably and resolve technical issues to optimise its performance.
Jim Loader, CEO of Stott Hoare
Our Values

How we work

Partnering with over 100 world-leading technology suppliers and manufacturers, we help businesses, schools and government agencies choose, deploy and manage a technology solution that drives efficiency, productivity and innovation.

Work with us
We are reliable

We are reliable

A team with years of knowledge, expertise and experience, available to troubleshoot and solve technical issues around the clock, to ensure your systems run smoothly.
We act with precision

We act with precision

Helping people get the right technology, delivered fast, and keeping businesses moving forwards.
We are competent

We are competent

Stay connected across everything you do with technology that adapts to the ever-changing demands of your employees, business and customers.
We are honest

We are honest

Simplifying technology, we provide clarity on innovative technology solutions that drive the future of your organisation.
We are resourceful

We are resourceful

Reassurance that you have a team of experts with knowledge and expertise who understand the importance of maintaining service, helping you deliver technology efficiently.
We are compassionate

We are compassionate

Genuinely trying to help and serve, we deliver exceptional end user experiences with the right technology solution, inspiring people to do their best work.

Helping you deliver technology efficiently

Step 1

Strategic Planning and Preparation

Identify right-fit technologies and solutions that align with your objectives and infrastructure.
Step 2

Smart and Streamlined Purchasing

Access competitive pricing and compare options from an extensive network of industry-leading technology partners.
Step 3

Seamless Deployment and Delivery

Streamline the deployment, implementation, security and management of your devices, infrastructure and software.
Step 4

Ongoing Support and Advice

Relax knowing you have access to our experienced services and solutions team for ongoing technical support and advice.
Step 5

Continuous Improvement and Optimisation

Future-proof your technology strategy with regular review and optimisation, to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Making an impact

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Customer Organisations
Global IT Brand Partners
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Visit IT Experience Centre

Visit IT Experience Centre

The IT Experience Centre has been designed to give business, educational leaders and IT managers an immersive, hands-on and consultative approach to choosing the right devices, accessories, infrastructure, and software, to ensure it aligns with business outcomes.

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Sustainable Impact Changemaker
Modern Solutions Partner of the Year
Microsoft Surface
Rising Star of the Year
IDG Australian Lenovo Legend
PCSD Services Partner of the Year
Australian Partner of the Year (SMB)

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IT Experience Centre

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Partner Network

Partner Network

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