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Providing end-to-end IT solutions keeping organisations connected and productive in a rapidly evolving landscape

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Modern Workplace
Modern Data Centre
Modern Classroom
Modern Workplace
Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

Combining the latest innovative technology from industry-leading vendors with our technical expertise, we help businesses deliver technology and agile systems that improve collaboration and optimise team productivity.

Modern Workplace
Powerful Solutions
Attract and retain quality employees with powerful end user solutions
Empower Teams
Implement modern tools and devices that enable and empower creative and collaborative teams
Achieve Outcomes
Optimise IT environments, improve efficiency and drive business outcomes
Modern Data Centre
Modern Data Centre

Modern Data Centre

Leveraging industry-leading data centre solutions, to establish efficient and secure IT infrastructure, across private, hybrid cloud and on-premises environments, that enable flexible deployment, management, storage and access to critical applications and data.

Modern Data Centre
Enables rapid provisioning and deployment
Supports multiple sites and cloud environments
Improves speed, agility and efficiency of systems, while reducing running costs
Modern Classroom
Modern Classroom

Modern Classroom

Preparing students to succeed in a world and workforce that’s becoming more reliant on technology, Stott Hoare provides educational institutions with a simple and cost-effective solution to optimise teaching and learning experiences.

Modern Classroom
DOE Approved Devices
Department of Education approved suppliers and products
Tier 1 Vendors
Access the latest technology from a vast network of Tier 1 vendors
Implement Effectively
Device configuration, deployment services, hardware and software end user support


Proactive managed IT services to troubleshoot and solve technical issues, streamline device and cloud management, and reduce pressure on internal teams, with a focus on growth and scalability.

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally friendly end of life services
Secure Disposal
Secure disposal and disk sanitisation
Extended warranties and buyback options
Drive <span>efficiency</span> and productivity with innovation

Drive efficiency and productivity with innovation

Under surmounting pressure to achieve more in less time, with fewer resources and budget, it has become essential for IT buyers to look towards new and innovative solutions.

Providing solutions across various industries since 1915, Stott Hoare offers expertise, support and service to deliver robust, fit-for-purpose technology that improves performance and places your organisation on the forefront of innovation.

Empower teams, <span>improve end user</span> satisfaction

Empower teams, improve end user satisfaction

The best and latest technology doesn’t always guarantee the best results. Exceptional end user experiences are the result of the right technology solution, deployed efficiently with seamless integration, fully supported and managed.

With a focus on user experience and strategy, Stott Hoare helps businesses, governments and education institutions deploy the right technology enabling users to collaborate, access data, and communicate efficiently, any time from anywhere.

Connect with a consultant

Looking to update existing systems? Get advice and guidance on the most effective way to deploy and manage new technology.

A trusted technology partner you can always depend on

Making technology more accessible

Making technology more accessible

With inventory stored and managed locally, across multiple warehouse locations around Australia, we help fast-track your technology needs and deliver projects on time.

Making an impact

Devices Supported
Customer Organisations
Global IT Brand Partners
Our Approach

Helping you deliver technology efficiently

We understand there are many challenges when it comes to implementing new technology that demonstrates results.

Our strategic approach is designed to help you deploy a technology solution that will improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration, while supporting you at every stage of the project.

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Step 1

Strategic planning and preparation

We gain an understanding of your organisation, objectives and current infrastructure to help identify right-fit technologies and solutions.
Step 2

Smart and streamlined purchasing

We help you to compare your options and access competitive pricing through our extensive network of industry-leading technology partners.
Step 3

Seamless deployment and delivery

We apply our expertise and resources to streamline the deployment, implementation, security and management of your devices, infrastructure and software.
Step 4

Ongoing support and advice

Relax knowing you have access to our experienced services and solutions team for ongoing technical support and advice.
Step 5

Continuous improvement and optimisation

We'll regularly review, optimise and future-proof your technology strategy, marshalling our resources to help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.
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Implement new technology with a strategy

For free technical advice and hands-on experience with the latest technology available, visit our IT Experience Centre today.