Free Azure Migration

Stott Hoare is thrilled to offer free Azure Migration conducted by Microsoft Certified Engineers if you register your interest by 20 November 2023

At Stott Hoare we continually seek knowledge and experience on the latest technology to share with our customers with the view to improving their IT system’s performance, security, and reliability.

If you have server and storage hardware on your premises or in your data centre running some applications, you are very likely to have an interest in exploring the feasibility, benefits, and cost of cloud migration. Not only will cloud migration done correctly greatly improve cyber-resilience and data-protection, but it may also reduce operational costs linked to purchasing and managing on-premises hardware and software.

We have the resources to help you understand exactly what cloud migration would mean to your organisation, and provide Free Azure Migration, if you register your interest.

Register your interest by 20 November 2023 to initiate the following migration assessment and planning process by completing the form below.

How does it work?

  1. Registration
  2. Microsoft Approval
  3. Project Scheduled
  4. Analysis and Discovery
  5. Ongoing Cost Estimate
  6. Migration Project Planning
  7. Landing Zone Preparation
  8. Migration Service
  9. Acceptance Testing
  10. Post-Migration Works
    (Resolve Application Dependencies)

Please note that to qualify for this free migration offer the Azure subscription must be procured through Stott Hoare.

How much does it cost for Azure?

There are two aspects to consider when planning to migrate to Azure:

  • The ongoing costs of running Azure; and,
  • The costs of migrating to Azure.

The ongoing costs

An initial estimate will be provided based on your general requirements. For a more detailed cost estimate, the Microsoft Native Assessment tool will be installed to monitor your actual requirements over the course of a week.

The migration costs

The offer is for Free Azure Migration, so you will not incur any cost for the actual migration service. However, costs may be incurred to resolve any dependencies at the application level. Stott Hoare will provide a Statement of Works and a quotation for any chargeable services, for your approval before proceeding.

Register your interest


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