Buying student devices made easy

We work closely with schools to provide a tailored, simple customised purchasing portal for staff and parents to order BYOD devices.

What does BYOD stand for? Bring Your Own Device.

Hosted and managed by Stott Hoare, your school’s portal provides staff and parents a simple and easy to use platform for purchasing student devices.

With extensive experience in the classroom and servicing over 400+ schools nationwide, we work with your school to provide tailored solutions that include the right technology and support.

Featuring personalised device options, setup and configuration services, and delivery, with 3 year warranty support from our friendly help desk.

How does BYOD benefit parents?

How does BYOD benefit parents?

  • Purchase a device at any time with 24/7 access
  • Don’t need to go through the school
  • Access one simple and easy to use online portal
  • 3 year warranty, which includes help desk support during business hours
  • Painless setup with ready to use devices
  • Plenty of payment options available

1:1 BYOD Programs for schools

Stott Hoare has been working with hundreds of schools all around Australia, providing a simple and efficient 1:1 BYOD solution, for both parents and schools.

Our BYOD procedure includes five steps that cover the full range of services:

Step 1

Device selection

We work closely with your school to choose device options, software, set-up and service requirements to meet student needs.
Step 2

Set up online store

We create an online store personalised with your specific device choices and options.
Step 3

Device pre-configuration

For a seamless and easy process, our team of engineers ensure that all devices are configured according to your requirements, including the installation of specific tools and anti-virus programs.
Step 4

Arrange device collection

Once configuration is complete, parents will be able to collect devices from us at the school. Students can also collect devices with a signed letter from parents.
Step 5

Ongoing help and support

Our packages include a 3 year warranty, this means you’ll have access to ongoing help and support from our friendly help desk during standard business hours.

How to purchase a BYOD device

Step 1

Login to order device

You will need a password, which is generally provided to you by your school.
Step 2

Choose your device

View device options, compare brands and specifications and pricing.
Step 3

Add extras

Add any useful items or accessories including insurance and protective bags.
Step 4

Review your cart

Check your order one last time before proceeding with your purchase.
Step 5


Fill out your details, choose your payment method and submit your order.
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