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End User Solutions

Providing optimised end user solutions to deliver powerful, productive and enriching digital experiences for a modern work environment.

Empowering users to work the way they want

We live in a digital age where investing in the best technology doesn’t always result in the best fit, or performance. However, the right fit technology that’s easy to use means less frustration, happier users, and better productivity.

The most successful organisations recognise IT as a competitive differentiator, shifting the focus to technology that enables employees to securely connect, collaborate and communicate anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Plan, <span>prepare</span> and procure

Plan, prepare and procure

Alleviate the complexities around procurement and maximise the value of your assets. From managing device selection, provisioning and price negotiation, to deployment and management of devices.

Understanding the digital experiences your end users are currently having and leveraging role based technology selection, we help IT managers choose the most suitable hardware and software configurations for different types of end users.

<span>Pre-configure</span>, deploy and manage

Pre-configure, deploy and manage

The challenges with modernisation of devices and software that most IT leaders face is how can it be deployed in the most effective way, for the lowest cost, with minimal disruption to the business?

This is when you can rely on Stott Hoare for a fast, cost-effective and efficient hardware solution. With zero-touch deployment solutions, we help you get the right hardware delivered to your users, fully managed and supported, pre-configured and ready to use.

<span>Secure</span>, support and manage

Secure, support and manage

With the number of devices increasing within the workplace and remote office locations, so has the number of cyber threats. In a connected digital environment, a security breach can occur at any endpoint.

Providing industry-leading security software and identity management, Stott Hoare ensures that all endpoints are secure, managing user access, and making sure your critical data is backed up and protected.

Optimise performance and sustainability

Delivering best practice device lifecycle management, extended warranties and eco-friendly options, we help institutions procure, maintain and retire technology, while reducing security risks to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Utilising network performance management tools, we provide a streamlined digital experience, leveraging productivity and collaboration tools, and new innovative technologies to improve end user satisfaction, employee retention, and drive productivity.

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Need to refresh devices or update systems? Explore end user solutions and align your technology and business goals.

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Maximum vendor discounts

Maximum vendor discounts

Leveraging our long-standing vendor relationships and extensive distributor network for the most competitive prices, we help to reduce your costs and maximise the value of your technology.

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